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Sorrells Photography

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About Sorrells Photography

Valerie Sorrells is a wedding and portrait photographer based out of Rochester, NY. Val's style is a mixture of photojournalistic and lifestyle. Her goal is to capture the moment in it's purest.

It all started when her father gave her that first camera when she was 6, a Kodak 110.

She moved around quite a bit, all over the East coast with her family. This taught her how to see and find the details in life that one would normally overlook. Adaptation, and lack of fear of the unknown, made her an explorer.

Graduating university with a degree in Photography and Sculpture, she chose to work with the camera instead of the torch. Not because she didn't love welding and casting, because she just didn't want to burn her house down.

Then the desk job. Fourteen years she worked with some great people over at Kodak in the digital camera division. Using some of the very first DSLR cameras ever built. She worked with others to make cameras better and how to support them. She traveled to Europe and Asia to teach others, and shared her love of photography.

Then comes a time when you want to be your own boss. She started her business in 2008 and hasn't looked back.

This past year she rekindled her love of teaching and started a photography class at the local rec center. The gratification of seeing the spark igniting in beginner photographers is what keeps her teaching.

She has purple hair. She is a volunteer Ski Patroller. Her nicknames are Mama-tonton, evil girl, and wifey.

Living with two young Jedi, volunteering, teaching, gardening, capturing images...and always stopping to smell the flowers.

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