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Lee Speary Photo

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5 Fisher Rd. Suite 5
Rochester, NY 14624

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About Lee Speary Photo

Upstate New York photographer with more than 7 years of wedding experience

Lee Speary “Growing up using my eyes a lot more than my ears always got me in trouble. I was always quite enchanted by the world around me. Throughout my life I don’t know if I was in love with the girl on the school bus or the way the sun hit her hair just right as she was looking out the window” Michelle Beiling "I've always loved art as the act of showing someone how the other person sees. A way to take the ordinary and show it to someone in a different aspect, a different perspective. The Chance to, if only for a moment show someone the world how I see it." Lee Speary and Michelle Beiling have worked together on several weddings in the last seven years and have developed a perfect partnership/relationship in developing weddings into stories about love, friendship and family. Lee Speary has an array of experience bringing out the personality of any situation, rather it be a wedding, business advertisement, or the essence of any portrait. Michelle Beiling excels and capturing the finer details of any photography assignment that she is on. She is amazing in the way she finds photos that would have been lost forever and immortalizes as contemporary art. The greatest gift that Lee Speary and Michelle Beiling provide to all wedding stories is a synergistic melting pot of feminine and masculine artistic themes. Most of all They know how to have a good time and put smiles on everyone! Feel Free to reach out to us at 607-368-7824 or

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5 Fisher Rd. Suite 5
Rochester, NY 14624

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